These rules are a work in progress, please feel free to contact someone in the admin team if you think there needs to be additions.

Ignorance of the following rules will not be a viable excuse for competing players. Please learn and follow them throughout the tournament.

Admin Team
MerlinatoR is the main admin for the tournament with malmen providing support with the website. Artstar will be on admin consulting only with all major decisions being jointly made between him and MerlinatoR. AlphA has agreed to lend a hand with demo reviewing when possible as well.

Teams and Players
Players must use the nickname that is used on the website to make identification easy for casters or people reviewing demos. Players must also use the tag given to them by their team owner as this is the foundation of the tournament.

Teams must have at least 3 players on their roster and a maximum of 4. Players may not change teams in the middle of a tournament - however, teams may add a 4th player that has not played for another team in the tournament if they started the tournament with 3.

You cannot use mercs during the tournament.

Cheat Prevention
Due to cheating problems in the last 6on6 tournament, players will have to upload ALL tournament demos from each and every game within 24hours of a league game ending. All demos will be freely available for everyone to download. Demos will be thorouglly reviewed and cheating will not be tolerated.

As a bonus, as we have access to all the demos, we will try and bring videos showing some of the best frags throughout the tournament.

Casted Games
Teams will need to provide WarwitchTV with anything and everything they require, this includes but is not limited to server IPs, war room IPs (comms for each teams) and post match interviews (most likely warwitch hopping onto your comms after the game).

Match Rules
Games are played ABBA with only 4 rounds being played. A team will score 3 league points for a win and 1 league point for a draw (receiving 0 points for a loss). Maps for each game week will be decided by the admin team at the start of the tournament and teams must play the maps that have been scheduled for each game week. Games must be played in the correct match week.

Game Rules
Weapon boosting is not allowed, at any point - this includes but is not limited to self boosting and objective boosting. Passing documents through fences, doors etc (using the activate button) is also prohibited - any game exploit will be deemed cheating and teams may lose games, points or be dropped out of the tournament.

Class Restrictions
Teams may use as many Medics, Engineers or Lts as they wish but they may only use a maximum of one soldier at any given time. Please note that panzer, flamer and venom are not allowed to be used in the tournament.

Servers and CVARS
Restrictions for the tournament have been changed with some cvars reverting back to more normal levels as well as some new cvars being added. Here is a list of the main changes for the tournament:

r_intensity 0-2 (currently 0-4)
r_gamma 0-3 (currently 0-4)
r_mapoverbrightbits 0-3 (currently 0-4)
r_picmip 0-2 (currently 0-4)
r_overbrightbits 0-3 (currently 0-4)

cg_shadows 0 (currently 0-1)

cl_timenudge -10 to 0 (currently -20 to 0)

com_maxfps 60-125 (currently 43-125)

pmove_fixed 0 (currently unrestricted)

We will be providing servers that games can be played on. We are aiming to have, at a minimum, a UK based and NL based server.

Admin decisions are final and go by situation to situation. Decisions do not set precedents and different decisions may be made in very similair situations if the admin team decide.