The RTCW Cup Admins reserve the right to modify the following rules as necessary. Teams should check the rules on a regular basis and prior to every match to ensure they are in complete compliance. Rules are marked with an update date and we provide a log of changes to assist in this capacity. These rules are guidelines by which the RTCW Cup operates to ensure a fun and even playing field for all teams. At all times, these rules are subject to interpretation by RTCW Cup Admins. While our cup strives to provide the most comprehensive rules possible, not every scenario can be anticipated. Those matters are left to admin discretion based on the spirit of these rules and the situation at hand. Remember, this is just a game and good sportsmanship should be displayed at all times throughout the cup.

Common Sense Clause:

Players and teams will be held responsible for your actions. We recommend good judgment when making decisions that could impact your team and teammates while playing with us during this cup. Use common sense!

The General Rules & Format:

The cup format is the standard 6 vs 6 stopwatch using the ABBA system. Teams can agree to play shorthanded by one player (Example: 5v6) if they wish, but playing the match will be at the discretion of the team who fielded 6. If a team fails to field more than 4 players on the server by the default (or mutually agreed upon) match day and time, the opposing team will be awarded a forfeit win.

The RTCW Cup Admins have selected the maps to be played during the regular season. You can find a map list on the maps schedule page of this website.

It is a requirement for all captains and participants on rosters to have access to the official discord community. Link is available on this website.

The regular season schedule will be announced once we have all the teams signed up. The schedule length will depend upon the amount of teams who have signed up for this event. The playoffs will include ONLY a winner's bracket. The playoffs will be single elimination in order to expedite the progress of the cup and avoid lengthy delays between matches.

Team Rosters:

Teams must consist of a minimum of 7 players and a maximum of 10. No more. No less. Rosters will lock on August 24th @ 11:59 PM EST!

Players will not be allowed to switch teams after the roster locks.

Player name changes will be allowed on the website roster, but only if it is Admin approved. Please see Aliases for more details on player names.


Each player who is on a roster during the cup is required to have a valid GUID. You can obtain your GUID by entering the console command /pb_plist while connected to a server. Next to your alias, a string of 8 digits and/or characters will appear: this string is your Globally Unique Identifier (GUID). Players who are NOT playing with the GUID listed on their roster will not be permitted to compete in ANY match until he or she provides a current/valid GUID to the admins AND it is verified as accurate/valid. ABSOLUTELY NO GUID CHANGES during the cup will be permitted. NO exceptions.


Players are required to use the alias listed on their official roster. Casters/streamers often refer to the official rosters/aliases while live on stream, and have difficulty determining who is who. Using your correct aliases is not an unreasonable request, and it makes life easier for both the casters and admins.

There is no penalty for a first offense. If your team continually disobeys this rule, player suspensions may result.

Match Substitutions:

A player on a roster may substitute as they wish in the event of a lag out or crash. You may substitute players as needed but not in the middle of a round unless for a crashed/lagged out player.


Ringers will not be allowed during our event! No excuses!

Generic Match Format:

Each week, a team will be designated as "HOME" and other as "AWAY".

AWAY team will get starting side choice.

ALL ROUND must be played out or the team who disconnected will forfeit the remainder of rounds.

Win is awarded to the team that scores 3 points.

During the match tie rounds will award a point to each team (Example: 1-1).

In the event of a tie score after the end of regulation (Example: 3-3). A sudden death match will take place with the teams playing on the following weeks scheduled map until a winner is achieved. Multiple rounds can be played until a winning score is reached on this new map (Example: 4-3 Final).

In the event of a tie score where the double full hold results in a teams score reaching 3 rounds (Example: Score 2-1, DFH = 1-1, Score would be 3-1). That team will be awarded the win for the match in order to avoid matches running longer than normal.

In the event of a discrepancy between the games splash screen and the consoles recorded time at the end of a round, the console will be used to determine the official result for that round. The console will over-ride any discrepancies for this issue providing a fair and accurate result.


During the playoffs all rules will be followed with the one major difference being a double full hold by each team resulting in points. No points will be awarded in the event of a double full hold during playoffs.

A playoff map system will be announced before playoffs by the admins. See "Map Schedule" page for more details on playoff maps schedule and match assignments during the playoffs.

Lowest seeded team selects side choice for the first round of the match.

Map #1 = Rounds 1/2. Map #2 = Rounds 3/4. If tied 2-2. Return to Map #1. See "Map Schedule" page for more details on playoff map assignments.

See "Map Schedule" for format on map elimination pool if needed.

Casted Matches:

Teams will need to provide the casters (Example: Gut or Ralph) with Server IPs and passwords as well as Teamspeak/Mumble/Ventrilo IPs and any global or channel passwords.

Your team does not have the right to refuse match casting/streaming. If a caster/streamer is available and willing, you are obligated to provide the information to your communication and game server if he requests it. Refusing to do so will result in penalties that are at the discretion of the admin team.


Only servers running RTCW 1.4 with OSP 0.9 along with the latest cup config (Available for Download Here) are considered official match servers. Anything else is not an acceptable match server unless otherwise approved by an admin.

The admin team is forcing server selection during the cup. Your team does not have the absolute right to dictate where your opponent will play. We will release weekly server schedules via discord.


Teams may agree to play ahead of the official match date and time but not after. No rescheduling will be allowed. If no mutual agreement can be made, the default date and time will be followed!

Official Default Match Date & Time is Thursday's @ 9:30 PM EST or no later than 10 PM EST

Agreeing to play a match on a non-default day is binding. If your team agrees to play on a non-default day and does not play, you will be forfeited. If no mutual agreement is made, your team is forced to play on the default day, and if your team does not play, you will be forfeited. There are no exceptions.

If the two teams scheduled to play fail to schedule their match before the default day, you will BOTH be double forfeited.

As soon as your team has scheduled a match, please inform an admin of the time and date so servers can be prepared, streaming/casting can be considered and scheduled, and admins arrange their schedule to be available during your matches.

If there is a problem contacting your opponent, players should notify the admin team as soon as possible.


Each week a specific map is selected by the admin team for use during the regular season. Please see the maps schedule page for reference.

Delays (starting match & between rounds):

Agreeing to a day and time to play a match is binding. You are afforded twenty (20) minutes of leeway/latitude after the scheduled time. If your team passes the twenty minute mark, the opposing team is afforded the right to forfeit you with absolutely no questions asked. Your team WILL be held accountable for your scheduling decisions. Admins will not automatically forfeit you for being late - it is at the discretion of your opponent.

Between each half round, a reasonable amount of time is permitted for each player/team to "take care of business": discuss tactics, use the restroom, get a beverage, etc. This should take no longer than 1-5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the opposing team is afforded the right to forfeit you with no questions asked - this is solely at the discretion of the other team.

It is YOUR CAPTAIN'S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that YOUR TEAM has at least one backup player ready AT ALL TIMES. We will not force the opposing team or streamers/casters to wait long periods of time because YOU ARE IRRESPONSIBLE.

Standings and Scoring:

Winning a match awards your team one (1) point. A forfeit win awards your team one (1) point. Losses award your team no points (0).

Again there are no ties.

Points are for seeding during the playoffs if needed.

Rounds Won/Lost Diff. will be used to eliminate tie records where a head to head canceled out a clear higher seed during playoff seeding.

Exploits and Bugs:

1. +Weapon boosting is forbidden. However, accidental/incidental boosting does occur and it is legal. However, if a team feels that an "accidental boost" was intentional, they may contact the admins who will review the case. The admins will use their due diligence to rule upon the consequences and conditions of the event. If a player is found guilty of intentionally boosting his or her teammate, the player will be suspended for the next match week. If a ringer/merc is found to be intentionally boosting, your team will forfeit the round in question.

2. On village, the documents ARE NOT allowed to be passed on through the gate located near allied bridge/spawn. Doing so results in a forfeit of the round.

3. Panzerfarming/Panzerswapping: your team is allowed to use "+dropweapon" to "panzerswap" amongst two soldier classes. HOWEVER, if two or more players simultaneously have a panzerfaust as a viable weaponbank, your team forfeits the round.

Example of what is LEGAL: Gamma is a panzer and Beta is another soldier class. Gamma fires the panzer, reloads the panzer, and drops the panzer to Beta so that he or she can fire another shot.

Example of what is ILLEGAL: Gamma is a panzer and Beta is a different soldier class. Gamma drops his panzer and respawns as a panzer. While Gamma is in limbo, Beta picks up the panzer and Gamma spawns with a panzer. Essentially, this means two panzers are simultaneously in play. This is punishable by a full round forfeit.

4. Door blocking: Intentionally using two players to prevent a door from opening is ILLEGAL. Using this tactic will result in an immediate round loss.

5. On beach, teleporting through the floor/sinking into the ground near the basement barracks is ILLEGAL. Using this tactic will result in an immediate round loss.

6. Document duplication glitch: In the rare event that the documents become duplicated on any map, you are NOT allowed to transmit the fake documents to complete the round. Doing so will will result in an immediate round loss. Utilizing a pause as soon as this happens to straighten out the situation is highly recommended.

If your team has a question about the legality of a possible tactic or exploit, contact an admin as soon as possible to avoid being penalized. If a player/team is found guilty of using an exploit that gained an obvious advantage, "It wasn't explicitly stated as being an exploit in the rules", "I/We didn't know," and "Everybody else is doing it," are NOT valid excuses. Spending an inordinate amount of time searching for the next undocumented exploit that gains your team an advantage in a match will almost certainly result in a penalty/forfeited round.


Online gaming is plagued by an enormous population of irresponsible and valueless individuals who do not see the harm in introducing cheats, hacks, and spam into the RTCW community's consciousness. It is expected that no team or player in this RTCW Cup cheats or uses a hack. Our admin team reserves the right to remove players and teams from this cup at any moment. Players who have been removed and are still found playing in official matches will be perma banned from future cups and tournaments.


All players participating in the cup are required to record demos of their matches (using the command /cg_autoaction 7) and are not allowed to delete them until the end of the cup.

**** If your game crashes and you are forced to reconnect, BE SURE to manually type /record before the match is unpaused. If you join in the middle of a round, /cg_autoaction 7 will not record for you!!!! ****

EVERY PLAYER who plays any amount of time during a match MUST provide a link to their demos to an admin within 48 hours of the end of your match. To save yourself time uploading them, it is beneficial to zip or rar them. Team captains are permitted to zip or rar their entire team's demos and provide one link if he so chooses. As a courtesy to the admins, please neatly name/folder your demos in the zip/rar.

If any player fails to provide his demos within 48 hours of a match, it will result in a warning to the player and his team. A second 48 hour timeframe failure will result in a match point deduction at the end of the season. A third 48 hour timeframe failure will result in a match point deduction and the offending player permanently suspended.

The outright failure or refusal of a player to provide their demos before their next scheduled match will result in a match overturn (if their team won the match), a match point deduction, and an immediate 4 week suspension. A second refusal/outright failure is a match overturn (if their team won the match), a match point deduction, and an immediate permanent ban.


If any general conflict should arise between two teams, the admin team should be informed as soon as possible. Teams are encouraged to find mutually acceptable solutions amongst themselves via team captains without the aid of a cup admin. There are cases, however, in which an admin is needed and we would recommend pausing play if in a live match and contacting an admin as possible to resolve the dispute.

Change Log:

07/13/17 - Rules set created and edited for the cup - Virus047/Eternal/Cypher

09/05/17 - Updated rule for doublefull hold points/playoffs - Virus047/Gut/Cypher

09/08/17 - Added rule about Console Time vs Splash Screen - Virus047/Gut/Cypher/Eternal

09/09/17 - Clarified rule on name changes/aliases - Virus047

10/06/17 - Clarified rule on playoffs & seeding/standings - Virus047/Gut/Cypher/Eternal

10/15/17 - Clarified rule on playoff match side selection - Virus047/Cypher

11/11/17 - Clarified rule on playoff map elimination pool - Virus047/Cypher

Official Cup Server Config: Download Now!