The RTCW Cup Admins reserve the right to modify the following rules as necessary. Teams should check the rules on a regular basis and prior to every match to ensure they are in complete compliance. Rules are marked with an update date and we provide a log of changes to assist in this capacity. These rules are guidelines by which the RTCW Cup operates to ensure a fun and even playing field for all teams. At all times, these rules are subject to interpretation by RTCW Cup Admins. While our cup strives to provide the most comprehensive rules possible, not every scenario can be anticipated. Those matters are left to admin discretion based on the spirit of these rules and the situation at hand. Remember this is just a game and good sportsmanship should be displayed at all times throughout the cup.

Common Sense Clause:

Players and teams will be held responsible for your actions. We recommend good judgment when making decisions that could impact your team and teammates while playing with us during this cup. Use common sense!

The General Rules & Format:

All matches are to be played on Return to Castle Wolfenstein version 1.4, using OSP 0.9 and the latest server config.

The cup's format is the standard 6v6 stopwatch ABBA.

Cup admins have selected the maps to be played during the group stage (including tie breakers if needed).

Maps Available: Beach, Base, Ice, Village, Frostbite, Te_Ufo & Assault

We will have a short group stage immediately followed by a standard playoff system. The playoffs will include both a Winners Bracket and a Consolation Bracket. Both brackets will follow the standard double elimination format. This will allow all teams at least two matches in the playoffs regardless of record in the group stage.

The first and second placed teams in each group will enter into the winners bracket playoffs. The remaining teams will join the consolation bracket playoffs.

There is no roster limit. Teams are allowed to add members to their roster while the cup is in progress, as long as those players are not currently playing, or have previously played, in the cup. If a player is a member of a team currently participating in the cup but has not yet played a game, he is allowed to switch teams.

Teams can use a stand-in or ringer during the group stage and only one stand-in or ringer during the playoffs. Teams using a stand-in or ringer must FIRST inform the admin panel before the match is to be played. The admin panel will then approve the usage of the stand-in or ringer for that match. Admins will attempt to approve only stand-ins or ringers whom are an acceptable replacement player in terms of skill and ability to the player they are replacing if possible. This fact is not up to the other teams decision. Mercs or Ringers can only ring with the same team ONCE during the duration of the entire cup (group stage and playoffs). The player can however ring or merc with another team during the same week if needed.

Teams will be placed into groups according to the admins decisions. At this time we are planning to have the two teams from the FINALS of the Alliance Cup represent the two EU divisions respectively as the #1 seed. The remaining teams will be selected at random via a drawling LIVE on WarWitchTV before the official start of the group stages. Teams with 4 or more NA players will be placed into the NA group and teams with 4 or more EU players will be placed into the EU groups. If your team has an equal mix of EU and NA players you will be given the opportunity to select which group you wish to join. That selection however will lock you into playing all group stage and playoff matches into your regions servers (NA Group = NA Servers) so you can not form a disadvantage towards another team.


Only servers running RTCW 1.4 with OSP 0.9 along with the latest cup config (Available For Download Here) are considered official match servers. Anything else is not an acceptable match server unless otherwise approved by an admin.

Teams are not allowed to force an unreasonable server upon the opponent. Servers should be fair and balanced for both teams when it comes to ping and location (if possible). If an agreement can not be met teams should contact an admin ASAP. We recommend discussing server information well in advance of match night to avoid any delays in starting the match on time.

During matchups between NA vs. EU teams during the playoffs the WINNER of a coin toss or knife fight gives the winning team the option to either pick the server to start on OR allow the opponent to select the server to start on. If the WINNER decides to choose which server to start on, the LOSER will then choose the map to play on that server. If the WINNER allows the opponent to pick the server to start on then the WINNER will choose the map to play on that server.

If at least one team has an average ping of around 100 or more then anti-lag is to be turned ON in the server config. In any other case it is to be turned OFF.


Teams can use one wildcard during the group stage and one during the playoffs. Both teams must agree and both teams must inform the admin team of this result.

Teams should arrange their games within the designated deadlines and must inform the admin panel of the agreed upon match date and time. If there are problems contacting the opposition, players should notify the admin team.

If teams fail to schedule and/or play their matches during the given matchweek, a wildcard will be taken away from the team unable to schedule. The teams will then have to reschedule the match at any time possible for both parties before May 18th. If a match is not played before this date, the obstructing team will receive a forfeit loss, incase the match is not being played because both teams are unable to find a date a draw will be given. No points will be given to either team is a match results in a forfeit.

During the playoffs teams are allowed to schedule at any day and time they desire within the time frame of a match week. However, if both teams can't agree upon a day and time they MUST (with the exception of a team using a wildcard) play on the following forced days:

EU vs. EU matchups: Sunday

EU vs. NA matchups: Sunday

NA vs. NA matchups: Thursday

Playoffs Map Selection:

A coin toss or knife fight will be done to give the winning team of the before mentioned coin toss or knife fight the option to start on their preferred map OR to start on the opponent's map. The loser of the coin toss / knife fight will decide which side to start on (offense or defense). The coin toss option is available only if WarWitch or another caster is casting the current match via a stream. In the case no steam is available teams should use the knife fight option to resolve the issue. This procedure can be avoided provided BOTH teams are okay with deciding on their own.

If there is a tie, each team will take turns eliminating three maps from the current map pool. The remaining map will be played for the tie breaker rounds. The winner of a coin toss or knife fight will decide which team has to start eliminating maps first. This procedure can be avoided provided BOTH teams are okay with deciding on their own. If after 4 full rounds the score is tied 2-2, there will be an ABBA played to determine a winner. If after that ABBA is completed teams are still tied we will continue with single AB rounds until a winner is decided.

Scoring & Points:

During the group stage the winning teams will recieve 2 points per win. The losing team will recieve 0 points.

Each match is played until completion (no ties at end of match). If one team disconnects during a match the match is a 4 to 0 forfiet win for the remaining team. The winner during any match is the first team to win three rounds. 4 rounds is the maximum amount of rounds that can be won in any match.

Teams that end up in a tie after the first two maps being played will play the tie breaker map (in group and playoffs) in the ABBA format. If there is still a tie we will continue playing AB until a winner is decided.

The first and second placed teams in each group will enter into the winners bracket playoffs (regardless of group size the top TWO only will advance). The remaining teams will join the consolation bracket playoffs.

Exploits & Cheating:

Known Exploit Rules:

1. Weapon boosting is forbidden. But, if boosting occurs by accident it will be tolerated. However if a team feels that a "supposedly" accidental boost was not accidental at all they can contact the admins which will then review the case. The admins will base the consequences on the conditions of the event. Furthermore, besides further consequences the standard procedure dictates that the player who committed the act of intentional boosting will not be allowed to play the next game.

2. The documents are NOT allowed to be passed on through the gate located near the allied spawn on Village.

3. Panzerfarming/Panzerswapping: It IS allowed to use "+dropweapon" within the soldier class to "panzerswap" the panzerfaust. HOWEVER if two or more players simultaneously have a panzerfaust on them it will result in a full time round loss. Example of what is ALLOWED: Gamma spawns panzer, Beta spawns sniper. Gamma fires his shot and gives the panzer to Beta to fire another shot. DISALLOWED: Beta now keeps the panzer and Gamma respawns with a new panzer. Now there are two panzers simultaneously in play which is punishable by a full time round loss.

4. If you have a question towards the legality of a possible exploit, contact an admin as soon as possible to avoid being hit with infractions in the future. If a person is found to have used an exploit that gained them a large advantage they will not be able to hide behind "It wasn't stated as being an exploit in the rules", "I didn't know" or "other players are doing it". Spending hours upon hours searching for the next undocumented exploit that will gain you or your team an advantage in a match will no longer be a viable option.


All players participating in the cup are required to record demos of their matches and are not allowed to remove them untill the end of the cup. An admin can at all times request demos from aformentioned players. Demos will be selected from players at random. We will select demos from each team at some point during the cup. Players will be selected by a random number generator based on roster lineup on website.


Online gaming is plagued by an enormous population of irresponsible and valueless individuals who do not see the harm in introducing cheats, hacks, and spam into the RTCW community's consciousness. It is expected that no team or player in this RTCW Cup cheats or uses a hack. Our admin team reserves the right to remove players and teams from this cup at any moment. Players who have been removed and are still found playing in official matches will be perma banned from future cups and tournaments.


If any general conflict should arise between two teams, the admin team should be informed as soon as possible. Teams are encouraged to find mutually acceptable solutions amongst themselves via team captains without the aid of a cup admin. There are cases, however, in which an admin is needed and we would recommend pausing play if in a live match and contacting an admin as possible to resolve the dispute.


We will be awarding prizes at the end of the cup to the 1st and 2nd place team in the winners bracket as well as the 1st place team in the consolation bracket. Prizes are 100% donations from WarWitch himself and no current admin has any control over the prize purse. WarWitch will award the prizes upon completion of the cup in a way of his choosing. Details on that will be released in the future.

Change Log:

3/25/14 - Rules set created and edited for the cup - virus047

3/28/14 - Corrected a few grammatical errors and unclear explanations - bully

4/01/14 - Clarified rules on tie breaker map procedures - virus047

4/02/14 - Added rules section about prizes - virus047

4/03/14 - Changed the weapon boosting rule and added the demos rule - bully

4/10/14 - Updated section about group selection process & points for groups stage - virus047

4/10/14 - Updated rule on forfiets/draws because teams can't schedule a match during group stage - virus047

4/11/14 - Updated rule on demos and demo requests - virus047

5/02/14 - Updated rule on mercs/ringers - virus047

5/08/14 - Added rule about "panzerswapping or panzerfarming" - virus047

5/15/14 - Removed incorrect rule about EU Group #1 - virus047

6/03/14 - Updated playoff map selection rule. Updated server ping average rule. Updated default/forced match dates in scheduling for playoffs - virus047

7/16/14 - Updated playoff server & map selection rule to make it more clear. Updated tie breaker process during playoffs matches. - virus047 & bully

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