Ruleset for the RtCW Alliance Cup

The cup's format is 6v6 ABBA stopwatch, with two maps played by default.

Teams should arrange their games within the designated deadlines and must inform the admin panel of the agreed date. If there are problems contacting the opposition, players should notify the admin panel.

During the group stage, teams will take turns to eliminate maps. The team that chooses who eliminates first is decided by the winner of a knife fight between two lieutenants (one from each team). The remaining players from both teams are required to enter spectator mode before the knife fight begins. If a player cheats by using a weapon other than the knife, his opponent will automatically be declared the winner.

The winner of the knife fight/coin toss will also get to choose which map will be played first.

During the playoff stage, each team chooses one map (the same map can't be chosen twice). If the game goes to a decider, teams will then have to eliminate the remaining maps. A coin toss will decide which team eliminates the first map. If teams tie again after having played 2 stopwatch rounds on the decider map, the game will be lengthened with 1 stopwatch round a time until one team comes out victorious.

A decider map will also use the ABBA format.

Teams can use one wildcard during the group stage and one during the playoffs.

Teams are allowed to add members to their roster while the cup is in progress, as long as those players are not currently playing, or have previously played, in the cup. If a player is a member of a team currently participating in the cup but has not yet played a game, he is allowed to switch teams.

Teams are allowed to use one stand-in as required. However, the admin panel must approve usage of the stand-in.

Teams are not allowed to use the same stand-in for two matches in a row.

During the group stage the winner of a match gets 2 points, in the case of a draw, both teams get 1 point.

A draw is a valid score in the group stage.

If a server does not provide balanced performance for both teams, each team will each choose a server to play their opponent's map choice on.
However, teams are not allowed to force an unreasonable server upon the opponent. If conflict arises about choosing servers, teams should inform the admin panel who will then make a decision.

If any general conflict should arise between two teams, the admin panel must be informed.

All matches are to be played on Return to Castle Wolfenstein version 1.4, using OSP 0.9 and the latest server config. The latest server config can be found below.

The first and second placed teams in each group will proceed to the playoffs.

Rules on the usage of game exploits: 
1. Receiving a weapon boost from a teammate is NOT allowed. 
2. Weapon boosting achieved by yourself such as using a grenade to blow you over the back wall on Frostbite IS allowed. 
3. The documents are NOT allowed to be passed on through the gate located near the allied spawn on Village.

Consequences: The game will be paused if any of these violations occur.

In the case of rule number 1 the boosted player and the booster will both be required to self kill. If they refuse/fail to do this the SW round will go to the opponent. However if a carrier of the objective is weapon boosted by a teammate the round will immediately go to the opponent. 
In the case of rule number 3 the round will immediately go to the opponent.

It's an unfortunate fact that admins won't always be available to spectate a game. In this case it's recommended to record a demo of your game which admins will be able to take a look at if something happened that wasn't in accordance with the rules, or you suspect someone of cheating.

If one or more of these rules are broken, it is up to the admin panel to decide on the appropriate course of action.

A cup admin can alter, add or subtract rules during the signups and group stage. We are always open to suggestions, so if you don't agree with certain rules, or think you have a good idea, please don't hesitate to contact us.